Diagnosis :

- Visit of the rooms.
- Necessary measures to evaluate the stock.
- Mycological and bacteriological deductions.
- Microbiological analyses to determine the type of contaminants present.
- Evaluation of the stock.
- Necessary arrangement to ameliorate the rooms.

Taking charge :

- Taking charge on site, return and transport by ourselves.
- We can put it into boxes and make a classification if you want.
- Reception of the archives or books in our air-conditioned premises (20° C and 50 % of humidity).
- the archives or books will be insured against risks of theft and accident during transport and during their stay in our premises.

Disinfecting :

The workshop has a disinfecting unit which works with oxide ethylene and allows the disinfecting of collections infested by insects, mould or bacterias. This treatment is made under permanent checking.

The process is in three steps :

1 - Preconditioning of the documents.
2 - Treatment with oxide ethylene established according to the type of document or work.
3 - Desorption of oxide ethylene.


The whole process requires the immibolization of the documents during 1 month and a half.

For further information, please contact us .