Digital scanning

The "art" of digital scanning is of course a very new technology. Here, we have to digitally scan in order to keep and preserve, to pass on and spread a cultural good. Our equipmentis based on the concept of digital scanning without contact, very near to the photographic and analogical technique. The use of scanback for the very big formats and CMOS sensors for the small, to the A2, allows us to provide a very good service of digital scanning by preserving to the utmost the integrity of the document or object. All the handlings of the object are made with white gloves and in a specific room controled in temperature and hygrometry. The lighting is done with cold lights without ultraviolet rays and a temperature close to daylight. The stocking of the files is done on CD-ROM assuring the best possible preservation of your data. We work on an acquisition chain of the digital pictures that is calibrated in colorimetry. Digital files of all our restoration acts have been made and are already a part of the memory of our firm.

Our abilities and services :

Digital scanning of big formats (bills, maps, plans, tracing papers)
Digital scanning of registers
Digital scanning of objects