The art of binding was born with the invention of the codex (book with sheets) between the 2nd and 4th century. So it is a traditional job linked to the existence of the book since its oldest form. Its main goal being to give a unity to a group of sheets, it has also the fonction to protect and cover the book, being a manuscript or later a printed form nay an epistolary correspondence or single administrative register. The quality of the binding depends on the importance given by the public or private collector to the book's content (administrative, cultural, nay affective).

Binding is a selected tool for books' preservation.

We are at the service of the more demanding clients concerning the quality of the binding. All the materials (leathers, canvas, papers, threads, tapes, glues) are selected for their permanency and high quality.

Our abilities and services :

Art binding
Preservation binding
Libraries binding
Registers binding