The art of restoration really set up at the beginning of the 20th century. The restorer is at the crossroads of the scientist, the historian and the artist, hence the difficulty to apprehend the job.

Restoring graphic documents is first to converse, to discover the object, to formulate the problems with the librarian and try to find answers but it is also respecting the numerous values attached to a cultural good in opposition to the actions of restoration, renovation and reconstitution.

According to Georges Brunel, talking about the restorer: "The result is that the restorer must have the mind on the watch. The correction of his gesture is not only a matter of dexterity or technical abilities. It implies a continuous meditation on the cultural significance of the act he is carrying out."

All the technical and intellectual means implemented within our premise, strive towards these principles of respect of the object and its past. From mass dust removal to the restoration of old books and illustrated documents, the professional code of ethics is the same.

Our abilities and services :

Restoration of old books, printed or manuscripts, on parchment or paper
Restoration of archives documents either small or big sizes
Restoration of illustrated documents
Restoration of maps and plans (including tracing papers)
Restoration of imprintings
Restoration of drawings, wash drawings, watercolors, charcoals, pastels
Dust removal
Advice concerning the conservation of graphic documents
Supply of permanent boxes made-to-measure
Marking with permanent ink (bronze stamps)